Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 2.12 Keys

Key control is the responsibility of the Physical Plant. New employee request form must be submitted to IT from the HR Department to create employee account on the 1Card system. The employee will obtain his/her ID in the Student Life Office. Exterior door access will be granted on your Employee ID for the building in which you work. Additional access will only be granted on a case by case basis with supervisor approval and an explanation of need. Exterior door access will be granted through the employee ID.  A request for keys may be made using the Physical Plant Key Request form located through the Computer Services Work Request link on Access NJC. Staff members needing interior keys should make the request through their immediate supervisor or Department Chair and the request will then be forwarded to the Physical Plant for processing. Keys are not to be given to any other staff, student, or family member. Each employee is fully responsible for the use, misuse of his or her keys. Upon termination of employment, the keys must be returned directly to the HR Office, not to the supervisor or left in the office for the position replacement.