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The Yuma Campus of Northeastern Junior College is now open!
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In 2019 Northeastern made a commitment to provide post-secondary educational opportunities to the residents of Yuma and the surrounding county. Today, Northeastern has opened its doors to enable residents to complete their high school education with a GED, take courses to learn English as a second language, and deliver transferable, credit-bearing courses in English, journalism, and math. 

The Yuma facility offers state-of-the-art distance learning in which students can attend certain courses taught on the main Sterling campus of Northeastern via a virtual classroom. Adult community education classes such as Annie's Project and more than a dozen general education courses are now open for registration. 

For information about what courses are available, contact the Yuma Campus at 970-521-5126 or the Northeastern admissions office in Sterling at 970-521-7000.

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Student & Alumni Profiles

Benjamin Goff in front of his type 3 fire engine
Alumni Profile
Benjamin Goff

Northeastern was the best choice because I got what I wanted.  NJC made it happen! 

Staci Foos
Student Profile
Staci Foos

I have loved every minute of my experience at Northeastern. I appreciate the multiple and diverse clinical sites which helped me get a feel for all different types of nursing available to me.

Photo of Allie
Student Profile
Allie Schumacher

Concurrent Enrollment has accelerated my learning and its affordability allowed me to save for future college expenses. 


Jody Brandner
Yuma Campus Maintenance
Yuma Campus
Jody Brander