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Granting Futures - Northeastern Junior College

Northeastern Junior College has a proud and long tradition of seeking and receiving development funds through grant monies benefiting students, staff, faculty and the community.

Grant funds can be awarded by several different entities including private corporations, private foundations, community businesses and community stakeholders, the state of Colorado and the federal government.

Grants provide money for projects that enhance existing programs and activities on campus or allow us to initiate new and exciting programs, sometimes they do both!  Equipment, supplies, new programs, effort stipends, scholarships, attendance at professional development conferences and staff/faculty positions can all be funded by specific grants.

Each individual grant has detailed instructions, rules and regulations defining how the grant must be used with accountability procedures and specific deadlines for grant procedures.  Some grants take a short time to complete as "application form only" grants.  Some grants take months to complete incorporating extensive research, writing and gathering input from different entities.  Notices about final grant awards can be published in a relatively short time of a couple of weeks or take six months or more.     

All grants involving Northeastern Junior College  and the related grant procedures originate in the Grant Coordinator's office.  Collaboration with the Grant Coordinator, Leadership Team and Finance streamlines the grant procedures, keeps everyone up to date, avoids duplication of efforts and ensures fiduciary responsibility.  The Grant Coordinator researches, writes and submits grants on behalf of Northeastern and works in conjunction with the entire campus community; including the Northeastern Junior College Foundation and other stakeholders to reduce or remove barriers to post-secondary education and uphold the Vision, Mission and Goals of Northeastern.      

The Grant Coordinator writes, submits and oversees multiple grants as well as recruits Primary Investigators.  Working in conjunction with the Grant Coordinator, Primary Investigators are volunteer staff and/or faculty members articulating with the Grant Coordinator and Finance Office who actively participate in the grant project itself and are required to follow their grant's rules and regulations.  Often, the Grant Coordinator identifies the grant and selects a member of the Northeastern community whose department and current efforts best match the grant and its focus to act as the Primary Investigator.  A staff or faculty member may also request that the Grant Coordinator designate them as a Primary Investigator.  The Grant Coordinator then initiates the grant funding process articulating the efforts of the Primary Investigator, the Leadership Team, the Finance Office and any other pertinent parties.      

Want to get more information about pursuing possible grant development funds for Northeastern???? 

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