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Institutional Research

The goal of the Institutional Research Office is to increase data literacy for all interested stakeholders by developing a culture of inquiry and collaboration that assures informed decisions across the institution that ultimately affect student success.

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To produce data and analysis that is easy to understand, meaningful and useful for Northeastern senior administration, as well as the campus units of academics, administration and student services; and for the public in order to support student success through informed and evidence based decision-making.


  • Serves as the official reporting office for the institution
  • Responsible for the collection, maintenance and archival of the institution’s data
  • Maintain and monitor the validity and integrity of the institution’s data
  • Performs all Federal and State of Colorado mandated reporting requirements
  • Provide data analysis to support strategic and enrollment planning
  • Provide support for the functions of accountability, assessment, and evaluation for the institution
  • Provide accurate and timely data and analysis to internal and external stakeholders

Ethical Principles Regarding Data

The Northeastern Office of Institutional Research holds membership in the Association for Institutional Research (AIR).

AIR's Mission:  "a global organization that empowers higher education professionals at all levels to utilize data, analytics, information and evidence to make decisions and take actions that benefit students and institutions and improve higher education." 

This organization has developed the AIR Statement of Ethical Principles with regard to using data; which Northeastern uses as a guide for professional conduct.

The Northeastern Office of Institutional Research also adheres to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a Federal law protecting the privacy rights of students.



Student & Alumni Profiles

Amy Crowder
Student Profile
Amy Crowder

The things I am interested in, such as equine products, also inspire me.

Benjamin Goff in front of his type 3 fire engine
Alumni Profile
Benjamin Goff

Northeastern was the best choice because I got what I wanted.  NJC made it happen! 

photo of Clement Scaccia from France
Student Profile
Clement Scaccia, France

It's the campus life that I like the best. Always being with the team and living together and playing soccer everyday. Northeastern is a great opportunity to start your class experience.


Leslie Weinsheim
Director-Institutional Research, Planning & Development
Knowles Hall- 309
Leslie Weinsheim