Northeastern Junior College is committed to the continual improvement of teaching and learning. To reflect this commitment, NJC has established the following guiding principles:


Improving teaching and student learning by implementing necessary changes supported by collecting evidence and data.  


Collect evidence of quality teaching and successful content learning outcomes that support program and institutional goal areas.  


Provide excellence in teaching and learning experiences by using evidence to drive academic improvements.  


Focus on a student-centered environment utilizing the course learning outcomes to measure student success and to improve teaching and learning.  

Student & Alumni Profiles

Jazz Parker
Student Profile
Jazz Parker

I chose NJC because of their athletic program as well as their academic standard.

Sydney Crites
Student Profile
Sydney Crites

I would have never thought I would be playing volleyball on a nationally ranked team.

Benjamin Goff in front of his type 3 fire engine
Alumni Profile
Benjamin Goff

Northeastern was the best choice because I got what I wanted.  NJC made it happen!