Students enjoying the culture fair

International Students

At Northeastern, we consider international students an integral part of our diverse student body. We have students from countries around the world who bring experience, perspective and background to our college community.
International students in front of the Bank of Colorado Event Center at Northeastern Jr College

Why choose Northeastern?

We're the right size.

With about 1,000 students and over 80 programs of study, Northeastern is the perfect size to give you a university experience on a smaller scale. Our small class sizes average 22 students, and you will gain a wealth of knowledge from expert instructors.

We're an active campus.

The college experience goes beyond the classroom and you can connect to other students by joining one of the over 30 student clubs and organizations available. Many of our students say that some of their favorite memories and strongest friendships were gained through participating in student activities.

We have the support you need.

There are many resources on campus to make sure that you have a successful, positive experience. Our expansive Monahan Learning Center offers free tutoring, as well as several other support services, and our full-time international student coordinator is here for each student at every step: from visa advising to assistance adjusting to college life. 

All of this is available at our campus located on the beautiful plains of Sterling, Colorado, just a couple hours from the nearest airport, mountain adventure, or big city experience.

Katie Saunders is from Australia and states that Northeastern Junior College gave her life long friends and memories that she'll treasure forever.


Gaetan Garcia from France


“I chose NJC because of the opportunities it gave me to play soccer and study at the same time. Giving me life long friends and memories that I’ll treasure forever. I really enjoyed the campus atmosphere and the cultural differences that I experienced. Having amazing staff and peers, I am very grateful for the opportunity I received.” –Katie Saunders, Australia

“First of all, I really loved the people in Colorado, [they are] really sociable, [and] they help us for everything and they are really friendly. I had one of the best soccer seasons of my life with amazing teammates.” –Gaetan Garcia, France



Ryan Hill from Australia



Sofija Pajevic from Serbia


“NJC showed me that it was more than just a college for athletes, it offered lots of different degrees to get into the job force, all the staff were very helpful, and cared about your learning. NJC is a great place to start your higher education in the USA.” –Ryan Hill, Australia

“I chose NJC because the atmosphere looked positive and teachers care about students. The community is small but people all care about everyone. NJC has nice new buildings and uses new technology. NJC has very educated staff, and while I was there, I didn't feel culture or language barrier because teachers and the international office made sure I fit in.” Sofija Pajevic, Serbia