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English Pathway Program

The English Pathway Program (EPP) is intended for English language-learning students to transfer into a Northeastern Junior College certificate or associate degree program. Upon successful completion, students will be able to advance into their program of choice.

English Pathway Program

EPP is designed for students lacking English proficiency but are otherwise qualified for college coursework. The program is an opportunity for students to gain English competence and confidence in addition to cultural knowledge and awareness to succeed professionally, academically, and socially in the U.S. EPP is recommended for students who are at a low-intermediate to intermediate level of English.

In the one-semester program, students take ENG 1010, AAA 1078, and up to 12 credits of general electives while improving the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills required for success in higher education. These approved elective credits allow students the opportunity to explore areas of interest while developing English proficiency.

SEVP Policy Guidance S7.2 defines a Pathway program for reason of English proficiency as a postsecondary program of study combining credit-bearing and developmental ESL coursework to prepare a student who is unable to meet the English proficiency standards for admission. Such a program leads into an SEVP-certified degree program.

EPP Guide

Recommended Course Sequence - First Semester

ENG1101010*English Usage and Grammar3.0
AAA1781078*Student Success Seminar0.5
   Approved Electives**9.0-12.0
   Total Credits12.5-15.5


*Required courses for the program

**Electives must be selected from an approved list (available upon request). Hybrid and online courses are discouraged.


English Proficiency Standards

Northeastern does not offer a full-time English language program. Instead, it offers a short-term, one semester Pathway program intended to introduce students to introductory undergraduate classes. Students will be eligible to earn 9 academic credits while polishing vital skills needed for success at Northeastern. Students are required to be pursuing a Certificate or an Associate's Degree.

To qualify for admission to Northeastern and to its English Pathway Program, students must fulfill all of the application and admission requirements for international students, as well as provide one of the following forms of English language assessment for admission.


TOEFL - Internet Based (iBT)65
Duolingo English Test95
SAT - Evidence Based Reading and Writing (EBR)470 and ESL Accuplacer*
ACT - English18 and ESL Accuplacer*

*Student enrolls directly into a college degree program and carries a full-time credit load (12-15 credits) of credit bearing courses including the First Year Seminar (AAA178) (AAA1078).


TOEFL - Internet Based (iBT)52
Duolingo English Test80
SAT - Evidence Based Reading and Writing (EBR)410 and ESL Accuplacer*
ACT - English12 and ESL Accuplacer*

**Student is admitted into the SEVP-certified English Pathway Program, which allows for limited ESL assistance including ESL053 (ESL0053) (3 credits), ENG110 (ENG1010) (3 credits), and an additional 6-9 credits of approved electives including the First Year Seminar (AAA178) (AAA1078).

*The ESL Accuplacer is an English proficiency test offered by the Colorado Community College System. Should a student have only ACT or SAT scores, they will be required to take the ESL Accuplacer upon arrival to NJC.

Secondary and Post-Secondary Achievement:

These requirements will be met or waived only after Northeastern has received and evaluated official documents, including transcripts:

  • Previous completion of at least one year of high school (secondary) in the U.S.
  • Completion of Level 5 advanced at an Intensive English Language Center
  • Recommendations from the English Language School with completion of Level 109


Sarah Stone-Robinson
International Student Coordinator
Hays Student Center-105
Sarah Stone-Robinson