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CTE Pass Rates and Licensure

Northeastern has several Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs which require licensing once a student has completed the program and is ready to seek employment.

In Colorado, all CTE programs are required to track and report student pass rates and licensure in each program in order to be complaint with all applicable state and federal laws that provide funding for career and technical education; as well as for compliance with our accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission.

The table below shows the percentage of pass rates and licensure for Northeastern students in Automotive/Diesel, Cosmetology, Emergency Medical Services and Nursing.

NOTE: Automotive/Diesel students are not required to be licensed to seek employment in Colorado, but for data compliance purposes, pass rates must be tracked and made available to the public.
Automotive students' pass rates displayed below are for Sophomore students only. Pass rates are available for Freshmen and Sophomore, and for Freshmen, Sophomore and High School Concurrent students as well.

n/a: data not available
tbd: to be determined (data not finalized yet)

Program Licensing Details


There are 5 licenses are available in the state of Colorado.  They are Hairstylist (can only perform hair services), nail technicians (can only perform manicures, pedicures and artificial nails), barber (can only perform facial shaving and hair services), esthetician (focuses on facials and skin care) and cosmetologist (students learn everything except for facial shaving). Northeastern offers the full Cosmetology licenses.  The requirements to achieve the cosmetologist license are to be at least 16 years of age and have 1,500 clock hours/ 50 credit hours through an accredited cosmetology school.  Seventy-five (75%) of the hours must be obtained through clinical instruction and 25% may be obtained through lecture or theory. 

After achieving these requirements, students take a state board exam, which consists of a 120 question written test and a practical test.  The written exam covers state rules and regulations, procedures of various services and sanitation/disinfection rules.  The practical test is performed on a mannequin head and students must perform 4-6 hair services, 1 facial service and 1 nail service.  After these exams are completed and passed with a 70% or higher, then students receive a license enabling them to practice cosmetology in the state of Colorado.

After receiving the license(s), students are enabled to perform any service within that license.  These services can be offered at any licensed salon/spa.  The license(s) are good for two years, and after each two-year period, the license(s) are renewable by paying a fee.  If licensing lapses, there is a procedure that must completed enabling reinstatement.  The procedure may include testing, practical or written exams, or paying a fine of up to $500.00.

Emergency Medical Technician

Once an EMT student successfully passes Northeastern's course requirements, they are eligible to take the National Registry Exam for Emergency Medical Technicians. Students not only take a written exam for their licensure, they also complete a 7-station skills exam.  Students have 3 attempts and 2 years to complete the Registry exam successfully.

Did Not Complete within two (2) years:  Percent of those who failed and are no longer eligible for re-test.  (Must pass exam within two years from course completion).

Eligible for Re-Test:  Percent of those who failed their last attempt, but remain eligible for re-test. (Less than two years from course completion).  


Nursing students at Northeastern are eligible to set for the National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX) after obtaining an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing. After successful completion of this exam and successful application through the state board of nursing, the graduate is a Registered Nurse (RN). 

Students may also earn a certificate in Practical Nursing after successful completion of the first year of nursing school and a summer course, NUR 169 Transition to Practical Nursing. The graduate is then eligible to take the NCLEX-PN. After successful completion of the NCLEX-PN and a successful application to the state board of Nursing the graduate is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).


CTE Pass Rates and Licensure Percentages
  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
     Automatic Transmission and Transaxle 63% 80% 74% 77% 86% 93% tbd
     Automotive Service Technology 79% 75% 80% 84% 90% 88% tbd
     Brakes 79% 81% 69% 84% 90% 88% tbd
     Electrical/Electronic Systems 74% 83% 71% 85% 80% 85% tbd
     Engine Performance 82% 83% 86% 87% 86% 90% tbd
     Engine Repair 76% 83% 78% 85% 73% 93% tbd
     Heating and Air Conditioning 79% 77% 76% 84% 88% 85% tbd
     Maintenance and Lights Repair 79% 75% 76% 81% 81% 85% tbd
     Manual Drive Trains and Axles 77% 81% 75% 85% 86% 88% tbd
     Suspension and Steering 82% 89% 79% 90% 91% 80% tbd
     Brakes 63% 66% 72% n/a 74% 72% tbd
     Diesel Engines 71% 67% 69% n/a 72% 83% tbd
     Electrical/Electronic Systems 64% 55% 65% n/a 80% 77% tbd
     Suspension and Steering 71% 68% 65% n/a 75% 77% tbd
     Inspection and Maintenance n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 76% tbd
     Graduated 65% 63% 62% 54% 70% 75% 84%
     Pass Practical Exam 100% 100% 69% 100% 79% 47% 85%
     Pass Written Exam 93% 100% 62% 92% 71% 33% 50%
     Licensed 93% 100% 62% 92% 71% 33% 50%
Emergency Medical Technician              
     Exam Pass Rate 70% 80% 89% 80% 73% 75% 68%
     Did Not Complete within Two Years 30% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 9%
     Eligible for Re-Test 0% 20% 11% 20% 27% 25% 23%
Pass NCLEX-RN Exam 86% 78% 90% 74% 76% 53% 61%
Employment Survey Response Rate 71% 56% 80% 56% 68% 67% 65%
Employment Rate (6 months after graduation) 100% 100% 100% 86% 87% 92% 85%



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