Operations and Procedures Manual

Mission, Vision, Philosophy, Goals


Northeastern Junior College is committed to developing excellence in all of our students by instilling knowledge, advancing skills, and providing opportunities for educational transfer and to enter the workforce successfully.


To be the college where students come to expand their passion by developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to make their passion their future.


Our passion is your education. Our priority is every student, every class, every day.

Goals and Strategies

Transform the Student Experience
Guiding Principles

True to its mission, Northeastern strives to transform its student experience by:

  • Providing excellence in learning and teaching for transfer, career and technical education, and personal enrichment.
  • Enhancing student success and retention by providing comprehensive support services and activities.
  • Creating an inclusive educational environment where students have the opportunity to become well-rounded individuals, embrace diversity, and develop leadership skills and resilience.
Key Strategies
  • Devise and implement a curriculum review process to identify and implement new programs of study, as well as assess current programs and recommend changes.
  • Revise the First Year Experience program to support the current student population.
  • Expand the Peer-Led Tutoring to include embedded-tutoring.
  • Evolve and enhance Academic Advising to be more holistic.
  • Enrich the general well-being, health, and personal and career growth services provided to our students through a variety of campus activities.
  • Develop strategies for improving intervention addressing students’ mental health.
  • Foster a familial atmosphere, developing student connections and relationships with peers, faculty, and staff both inside and outside of the classroom through academic and emotional well-being conversations and ongoing campus activities.
Transform Our Own Workforce Experience
Guiding Principles

Northeastern believes that its mission, vision, and philosophy can only be achieved with a group of individuals dedicated to this purpose.  To be successful the college strives to:

  • Attract and retain quality employees. 
  • Provide for their professional growth.
  • Develop a workforce that is inclusive and diverse.
  • Acknowledge the value of our employees and their wellbeing.
  • Support and develop future leaders.
Key Strategies
  • Improve existing hiring practices and identify best practices to attract and retain quality employees and promote diversity.
  • Implement a structured mentoring program for new employees.
  • Increase the number of employees participating in professional development programs.
  • Expand the performance planning process to include goals for professional development.
  • Devise a system that rewards and recognizes employee accomplishments.
Create education without barriers through transformational partnerships.
Guiding Principles

Northeastern is committed to actions that:

  • Promote the college in a way that enhances enrollment and builds relationships with alumni and donors.
  • Develop relationships and partnerships that enrich the region and contribute cultural, educational, and social experiences for our students and citizens.
Key Strategies
  • Develop a comprehensive public relations campaign to educate and promote enrollment, partnerships, resource development, and cultural and social opportunities in our region.
  • Lead regional efforts with secondary schools to ensure equitable access for all high school students to engage in college level learning and earn credentials.
  • Partner with four-year institutions to offer 3+1 and bachelor degree programs.
  • Improve communication to unify programmatic goals to achieve better outcomes for our students.
Redefine our value proposition through accessibility, affordability, quality, accountability, resource development, and operational excellence.
Guiding Principles

Northeastern believes that in fulfilling its mission, vision and philosophy it must:

  • Assess institutional effectiveness, strive for continuous improvement, and operate with integrity and accountability.
  • Acquire, maintain, and improve college resources and facilities to provide an aesthetic and efficient collegiate environment.
  • Provide leading technology for instruction and operations.
Key Strategies
  • Develop and implement analytics tools to inform the decision-making process and assess institutional effectiveness.
    • Fully implement Navigate to develop analytic database to provide the foundation of predictive and descriptive analytic data.
    • Incorporate program review data with budgetary data.
    • Improve communication of current data analytics campus wide.
  • Increase enrollment by at least one percent annually.
    • Implement findings of the Investment Committee.
    • Assess current program offerings to identify barriers and opportunities.
    • Outreach to LatinX communities – attain HSI status.
  • Continue to implement the Facilities Master Plan guidance for renewals, improvements, and technology needs.
    • Pursue State Funding for Applied Technology Campus.
    • Build the Admissions Office (Bookstore space).
  • Develop a COVID Recovery plan
    • Implement a COVID Recovery committee including all stakeholders.
    • Identify and eliminate technology barriers for both Faculty and Students
    • Ease barriers to flexibility when feasible.
    • Establish a plan to facilitate the Post-COVID student and staff experience.


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