Operations and Procedures Manual

Institutional Review Board Procedures

  1.  The Northeastern Junior College Cabinet will act as the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for research proposals, with the President of the College acting as the Chair. 
  2. The primary functions of the IRB are:
    1. To review and approve research proposals according to federal guidelines and the ethical principles articulated in the Belmont Report.
    2. To periodically review existing NJC policies and practices on the use of humans and animals in research. 
    3. To make recommendations for a systematic review process to the faculty and administration.
    4. To review and approve faculty, staff, or student research as required by an external organization (e.g., funding agency, hospital, mental health clinic)
  3. Since Northeastern Junior College is primarily a teaching college, it is anticipated that most IRB requests will be exempted under section 101, subsection b of the Common Rule and may qualify for an expedited review. 
  4. If any NJC employees, faculty or students are planning on doing research involving the use of human participants, they should contact the IRB for guidance.   Complex requests may be directed to the CCCS IRB for review.  
  5.  The ethical treatment of human subjects is something that we as researchers-faculty and students-should hold highly.  In support of Northeastern’ s mission, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) seeks to ensure the respectful and ethical treatment of human participants in research conducted by NJC students and faculty or by researchers whose participants will include members of the NJC community. Additionally, NJC supports the humane use of animals in research, teaching, and testing. The IRB is responsible for ensuring that all animals used in research, teaching, and testing procedures are treated humanely and in accordance with the Federal Animal Welfare Regulations.  If anyone witnesses or suspects any violations of these regulations of have any questions or concerns about the specific use of animals at or in association with NJC, you are encouraged to contact the college president who serves as the chair of the IRB. 

Mike White

Reviewed Jan 2024