Operations and Procedures Manual

Appendix - A Faculty Planning Worksheet

Statement of Faculty Excellence

Outstanding faculty create an engaging learning culture that reacts to the varied and changing needs of the learner; always striving for success of the learner and instructor. The faculty at Northeastern Junior College (NJC) are ENGAGED in learning.

E – Engaging- The outstanding faculty at NJC make an concerted effort to provide an engaging and interactive learning environment through the usage of current technology, pedagogy, and teaching/learning techniques.

N – Nonjudgmental – The outstanding faculty at NJC are nonjudgmental of learners backgrounds, previous knowledge, and existing needs. They encourage the success in all students regardless of their race, creed, color, nationality, physical or mental challenges, sexual preference, and/or socioeconomic status.

G – Generous – The outstanding faculty at NJC are generous with their time and talents. They serve the college and their students’ needs with understanding and compassion. They use their talents to help NJC fulfill its vision of being “Colorado’s premier two-year college of choice through excellence in education.”

A – Active – The outstanding faculty at NJC are active in the college and the community. They serve in a variety of rolls within the college including being on national, state, and local committees. They serve the community on local boards and in various service groups.

G – Gracious – The outstanding faculty at NJC are gracious in their interactions with those they serve including: learners, colleagues and community members. They are courteous, polite and respectful of others in the classroom, college and community.

E – Encouraging – The outstanding faculty at NJC are encouraging to others. They encourage learning in all facets of life, and demonstrate the practice of life-long learning to their students and peers. They encourage students and colleagues through difficult times both in school and in life.

D – Dedicated – The outstanding faculty at NJC are dedicated to learning, both their students and their own. They keep current in their chosen discipline, teaching and learning techniques, as well as the current needs of learners.