Operations and Procedures Manual

Appendix - F System Policies

Colorado Community College System Policies & Procedures

System Policies

Foreword- Vacant

Series 1- Vacant

Series 2- Organization- Vacant

Series 3- College Personnel             

SP 3-10

Employment Practices for Instructors

SP 3-10a

Employment Background Checks

SP 3-15

Evaluation of a State System Comm. College Pres.

SP 3-20a

Peer Review Committee Appeal Process

SP 3-20b

Due Process for Faculty Timelines

SP 3-24

Implementation of Drug-Free Workplace

SP 3-31

Evaluation of Faculty Job Performance

SP 3-31a

Evaluation of Administrators and Professional/Technical Staff

SP 3-45

Administrative/Professional Technical Salary Plan

SP 3-50a

Employee Grievances

SP 3-50b

Civil Rights Grievances and Investigation Process

SP 3-55

Faculty Pay Plan

SP 3-60a

Family and Medical Leave

SP 3-60b

Administrative Leave For K-12 Academic Activities

SP 3-60c

Post-Retirement Employment Procedure

SP 3-60d

Faculty Leave Transfer

SP 3-65

Sabbatical Plan and Report

SP 3-70a

Conflicts of Interest-Relationships

SP 3-110

Records Management and Colorado Open Records Act Requests

SP 3-120a

Sexual Misconduct Procedure

SP 3-120b

EEO/AA Program

SP 3-125b

Cellular Phone Usage Procedure

SP 3-125c

General Computer and Information Systems Procedures

SP 3-125d

Electronic Communications Management and Retention Procedures

SP 3-125e

General Higher Education Opportunity Act Procedures

SP 3-125f

Operation of Official Social Media Accounts and Student/Employee Social Media Conduct

SP 3-125g

Web Accessibility Procedure

Series 4- Students

SP 4-15

Verification of Lawful Presence

SP 4-20a

System Financial Aid Procedure – Consumerism

SP 4-20b

Financial Aid Professional Judgment

SP 4-20c

Return of Title IV Funds

SP 4-20d

Satisfactory Academic Progress For Financial Aid

SP 4-23

College Opportunity Fund

SP 4-24

Colorado Student Grant Awarding Procedure

SP 4-24a

Colorado Student Merit Aid Awarding Procedure

SP 4-30

Student Disciplinary Procedure

SP 4-31

Student Grievance Procedure

SP 4-31a

Civil Rights Grievance and Investigation Process

SP 4-32

Student Email Acceptable Use Policy

SP 4-40

In-State Tuition Classification

SP 4-60

Acceptable Identification Process for Student Services Transactions

SP 4-120a

Sexual Misconduct Procedure

Series 5, 6, 7- Vacant

Series 8- Fiscal

SP 8-60a

Guidelines for Advertising

SP 8-60b

Delegation of Signature Authority

SP 8-60c

Sponsorship Principles

SP 8-61

Fiscal Management Roles and Responsibilities

SP 8-61a

Purchasing Approval Policy

SP 8-61b

Travel Policy

SP 8-70

Unfair Competition

SP 8-160

Use Of Student and Auxiliary Reserves and Current Year Funds

SP 8-170

Contractual Indemnification Approval Process

Series 9- Educational Programs

SP 9-20a

Service Area Principles and Guidelines

SP 9-20b

Community College Service Areas

SP 9-41

Basic Skills Assessment

SP 9-42

Credit for Prior Learning

SP 9-47

Program Review and Evaluation

SP 9-71

Community College Course Numbering System

SP 9-72

Transfer of Post-secondary Credits from Area Vocational Schools to Community Colleges

SP 9-73

Monitoring of Federal and State Programs

Series 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15- Vacant

Series 16- Building and Grounds

SP 16-50

Naming of College Facilities

SP 16-60

Surplus Property

Series 17, 18- Vacant

Series 19- Safety and Security

SP 19-10

Violence/Firearms on Campus

SP 19-30

Compliance with Drug Free Schools Amendment