Operations and Procedures Manual

Appendix - E Board Policies

Colorado Community College System Policies & Procedures


FOREWORD -  CCCS State Board

Series 1- Vacant

Series 2- Organization     

BP 2-10 Board Committee Structure

BP 2-15 Presidents’ Council

BP 2-25 College Advisory Council

BP 2-30 State Faculty Advisory and Faculty Shared Governance

BP 2-40 State System Community Colleges Role and Mission

Series 3- College Personnel

BP 3-05 Delegation of Personnel Authority

BP 3-06 Legal Protection for Employees

BP 3-10 Administration of Personnel

BP 3-14 Selection of a College President

BP 3-15 Conditions of Employment for College Presidents

BP 3-16 Conditions of Employment for System President

BP 3-20 Due Process for Faculty

BP 3-23 Due Process for Administrators Hired Prior to Dec. 8, 1985

BP 3-24 Drug Free Workplace

BP 3-31 Evaluation of Job Performance

BP 3-45 Administrative and Professional/Technical Salary Plan

BP 3-50 Employee Grievances

BP 3-55 Faculty Salary Plan

BP 3-56 Employee Compensation other than Base Salary and Benefits

BP 3-60 Employee Benefits

BP 3-61 CCCS Voluntary Retirement Incentive Plan

BP 3-62 Furloughs For Exempt Employees

BP 3-65 Professional Development

BP 3-70 Colorado Community College System Code of Ethics

BP 3-71 Whistleblower Protection Policy

BP 3-80 Faculty and Instructor Workload

BP 3-90 Copyrights and Patents

BP 3-100 Evidence Preservation

BP 3-110 Records Management

BP 3-120 Affirmative Action / Anti-Discrimination

BP 3-125 Electronic Communication Policy

Series 4- Students

BP 4-10 Admission, Continued Enrollment and Re enrollment of Students

BP 4-20 Student Tuition and Fees/Scholarships

BP 4-21 System wide Revenue Bonds

BP 4-22 In-State Tuition for Economic Development Relocations

BP 4-23 College Opportunity Fund

BP 4-24 Colorado Student Grant and Merit Aid Awarding Policy

BP 4-25 State Student Advisory Council

BP 4-30 Student Discipline

BP 4-31 Student Grievances

BP 4-32 Student E-mail

BP 4-40 In-State Tuition Classification

BP 4-41 Colorado Diversity Grants

BP 4-50 Student Government

BP 4-60 Acceptable Identification Process for Student Services Transactions

BP 4-120 Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment

Series 5, 6- Vacant

Series 7- Internal Audit

BP7-01 Audit Committee

Series 8- Fiscal

BP 8-60 Delegation of Signature Authority

BP 8-70 Competition with Private Business

BP 8-120 Payroll Deductions

BP 8-150 Enrollment Reporting

BP 8-160 Reserve Requirements and Use

BP 8-170 Contractual Indemnification

Series 9- Educational Programs

BP 9-20 Academic Master Planning

BP 9-30 Approval of Educational Programs

BP 9-40 Associate Degree and Program Designations and Standards

BP 9-41 Basic Skills Assessment

BP 9-42 Credit for Prior Learning

BP 9-43 Certification of Workplace Literacy Programs

BP 9-45 Courses Offered Out-of-State

BP 9-47 Review of Existing Programs

BP 9-71 Transfer of Credit

BP 9-72 Transfer of Post-secondary Credits from Area Vocational Schools to Community Colleges

BP 9-73 Monitoring of Federal and State Programs

Series 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15- Vacant

Series 16- Buildings and Grounds

BP 16-10 Facilities Master Plans

BP 16-20 Facilities Program Planning

BP 16-30 Selection of Architectural/Engineering Consultants

BP 16-40 Architectural Design

BP 16-50 Naming of College Facilities

Series 17, 18- Vacant

Series 19- Safety and Security

BP 19-10 Violence/Firearms on Campus

BP 19-30 Compliance with Drug Free Schools Amendment