Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 2.10a Student Activity Travel as an Official College Function

Appropriate student travel activity is considered an "official college function."  All rules and policies of the college will pertain to these types of requests.  Requests from an Northeastern employee that have specific duties directly related to student programs, student activities, student clubs, residence life, or associated student government will be approved as an "official college function."

Procedures for Student Activity Travel:

Northeastern has a mission and purpose to educate the "whole person" and the college commits resources, staff and facilities to the education of the student outside the classroom.  The college has a long history of encouraging and supporting a variety of student life activities to meet this goal, either through Associated Student Government -- chartered clubs or the Residence Life Program.  Some of the programs and activities involve individual or group travel due to the geographic location of Sterling and the need for student exposure to activities beyond the campus and beyond Sterling.

Definitions:  Criteria for Approval

  1. Student activity travel is any requested travel from campus to a specific location and back funded by student fees or general/auxiliary funds of the college.
  2. Student activity travel must have a college travel request approved by two staff members in advance of the travel date.
  3. Student activity travel must have a designated college approved sponsor (usually a college employee) accompany students on the trip.
  4. Student activity travel must be requested for students that are members of a chartered ASG club or an approved college organization.  Residence Halls are chartered clubs.
  5. A request for an "official student activity travel function" must provide a travel description for each trip to include the following:
    1. The Educational Purpose of the Trip
    2. The Objectives of the Trip
    3. The Outcomes to be Achieved from the Trip
  6. After a trip has been approved by an immediate supervisor according to the criteria listed, any additional clarification needed by Physical Plant or Purchasing personnel will be directed to the supervisor or the staff involved.

Requests that meet the criteria of items 1-6 will be considered "official student activity functions" and will qualify for travel approval based upon budget and vehicle availability.