Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 2.10 Travel

Travel Request and Authorization Forms must be completed and approved prior to travel.  If forms are not completed prior to travel, reimbursement is not guaranteed.  PLAN AHEAD!  Two signatures are required on all in-state requests; out-of-state requests also require the President’s signature for approval.  Travelers must include all names of accompanying travelers.  Once completed the request is sent to the Travel Compliance Designee for approval.  Upon approval a state fleet vehicle if available will be assigned to the traveler by the Travel Compliance Designee.

College vehicles are provided for official business only. Any citations and fines incurred for parking or traffic violations while operating a school vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the individual operating the vehicle, not Northeastern. Vehicles must be returned to the college garage immediately upon completion of the trip. It is the driver’s responsibility to return the vehicle with a minimum of ¾ of a tank of gas, best practice is to fill the vehicle completely and clean windshield prior to return. It is also the driver’s responsibility to remove all personal items and debris from the vehicle prior to return. The Fleet card located in each vehicle’s glove box, should only be used for gasoline/diesel for that vehicle. For vehicle breakdowns, flat tires, etc., please call the Roadside Assistance phone number located in the packet in the glove box. Vehicles are not to be kept overnight at one’s residence and will not be covered in case accident or damage occur under such circumstances. Only State employees and students pertinent to the trip are allowed to travel in college vehicles. If you plan to take a family member or friend with you on your voyage, you must take your own vehicle. Alcohol, drug, and/or tobacco use is prohibited in college vehicles by driver and/or passenger(s). If the need arises while driving a college vehicle to talk on your cell phone, employees are encouraged to pull over in a safe area to make or receive the phone call. Failure to abide by Northeastern expectations can result in suspension of driving privileges or a fine of up to $50 to your operating budget. 

Only state employees and authorized volunteers are permitted to drive a state vehicle. “Authorized Volunteer” means a person who performs an act for the benefit of the college at the request of and subject to the control of such college. Work study students are eligible to drive fleet vehicles in the course and scope of employment where applicable. All drivers shall undergo a background check including DMV records. Authorized volunteers must complete a waiver and general release form prior to participating in any activities.

Travelers are responsible for their travel expenses.  The Travel Card is to only be used for official state business. 

When traveling by air, reservations must be made through one of the State approved travel agencies.  For information about these travel agencies, please refer to the Travel Guidelines located on the Northeastern SharePoint or contact  Accounts Payable.

If employees find the need for a rental car while traveling on official state business, the State of Colorado has mandatory price agreements with rental car companies.  For information about these rental car companies, please refer to the Travel Guidelines located on the Northeastern SharePoint or contact Accounts Payable. 

Mileage reimbursement will be made to the traveler using their personal vehicle for business use only if a state vehicle was unavailable.  Reimbursement rates are set by the Colorado State Controller.  Reimbursement for mileage only takes effect from the primary place of business, which is Northeastern-Sterling.  Exceptions to this procedure are on a case by case basis, with economic benefit to the state being the dominant factor, as judged by Accounts Payable.  Mileage that is defined as commuting to and from the the employees regular work location s not reimbursable.

Within 60 days after returning or 10 days if using a Travel Card, the employee must complete a travel reimbursement form.  They must complete his/her own travel reimbursement form. The travel reimbursement form is located on the Northeastern SharePoint site.  The travel reimbursement form should be completed and submitted to Accounts Payable after travel is completed.  The travel authorization number must be on the form in order for payment to be processed.  Receipts for lodging and other expenses exceeding $25 (excluding individual meals) must be attached to the reimbursement form in order to be considered for reimbursement. Under Federal Travel Regulations, employees may claim 75% of the destination city's per diem rate, including incidental expenses, for the day of departure and day of return, regardless of return/departure times.  Employees will be reimbursed the total per diem for meals and incidental expenses for all full days of travel, unless meals were provided. If travel is within a single day, reimbursement for lunch shall not be allowed.  If however, an employee leaves home prior to 5:00 am on state business that requires the employee to extend the workday, a meal per diem for breakfast may be claimed.  In addition, if the employee remains away from home after 8:00 pm on state business that requires the employee to extend the workday, a meal per diem for dinner may be claimed. 

Prohibited Transactions

The Travel card may not be used for the following purposes:

  • Traveling Entertainment expenses including gambling transactions – lottery tickets, chips at gaming casinos, off-track betting and wagers at racetracks.
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Personal expenses that are for the benefit of the traveler

*Exception* Student entertainment expenses are allowable with an approved Student Function form submitted PRIOR to the event. This includes applicable charges for employees who are facilitating the activity. The event must be an organized student function, i.e., FIG activities, Jump Start activities, and other organized student activities.