Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 2.00 Personnel File

The college Human Resources Office shall maintain an official, confidential personnel file for each of its full-time employees.  Items which can be placed in the personnel file include personal data, information relating to employee’s academic and professional accomplishments submitted by the employee, records generated by the college, memos of discussion between the employee and supervisor relating to the employee’s performance, evaluative and disciplinary material after the individual has received a copy, contract information and written responses of the employee to material contained in the file.  A current and up-to-date official transcript of college credits identifying degree completion is required in all full-time and part-time faculty personnel files.  Evidence of all earned graduate credits is required for part-time faculty.  A separate file is kept with medical information to protect the privacy of the employee.

Personnel files are the property and responsibility of Northeastern.  Employees may request copies for $.25 per page.  Upon request, an employee will have access to her/his file during regular office hours.  Access to an employee’s file is limited to an employee’s immediate supervisor, the appropriate Department Chair, the President, and the Human Resources Staff members who have demonstrated needs for information.  Personnel files may not be removed from the HR office area.  To ensure that Northeastern records are accurate and up-to-date, employees must notify the HR Office whenever they change names, addresses or phone numbers.  In addition, any changes in education and training completed should be updated with the HR Office in a timely manner.