Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 1.12b Administrative Leave for Academic and Volunteer Activities


This procedure applies to permanent classified employees and employees identified as benefit eligible in the scope of the Board Policy 3-60b.

Employees are eligible for up to eighteen (18) hours of paid administrative leave per fiscal year to participate in academic activities for their children who are in kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) and to participate in community or school volunteer activities. 

An eligible employee must submit a leave request to their approving supervisor in advance of the activity.  The request must include dates and time of the requested leave.  Approval must be made in advance.  The College has the right to deny a request based on business needs.  This leave may not be used to volunteer in connection with advocating for or against a candidate for an elected office, or a ballot issue. Part-time employees shall be eligible for a portion of the leave based on the percentage of FTE.