Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 1.02a Faculty Salary Plan



BP 3-55 - Faculty Professional Advancement & Salary Plan


SP 3-55 - Faculty Pay Plan

REFERENCE: Board Policy on Faculty Salary Plan, BP 3-55

Faculty: (These guidelines do not include those individuals hired for Contracted Services.)

Newly hired faculty will be paid the base salary at the time of hire with the potential to increase the base on the basis of factors listed below.  The base pay plus the increases will become the faculty member's base pay for computing subsequent raises.  End of year raises only impact the base pay. There will not be any mid-year adjustment rates.

Base Increasing Factors:

  • Master’s Degree - $1,600
  • Additional 20-44 relevant and/or discipline-specific graduate credit hours - $750
  • Additional 45 or more relevant graduate credit hours or Doctorate Degree - $1,600
  • Additional fulltime and/or equivalent part-time teaching and/or work experience related to the position above the minimum qualifications defined in the job announcement - $750 per year.  (The Vice President of Academic Affairs will determine experience levels with eight years being the maximum.)
  • State or national recognized licensure or certifications above the minimum qualifications defined in the job announcement - $500.  (The Vice President Academic Affairs will determine if the licensure or certification is appropriate for additional compensation.)
  • Exceptional qualifications and/or market demand consideration at the discretion of the President - variable.