Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 1.02b Administrative and Professional/Technical Salary Plan



BP 3-45 Administrative and Professional Technical Pay Plan


SP 3-45 Administrative and Professional Technical Pay Plan

REFERENCES: BP 3-45, Administrative and Professional Technical Salary Plan

Exempt Staff: 

All A&P/T personnel must meet the minimum qualifications for the position as announced.  Upon selection of an A&P/T staff member, the supervisor will make a recommendation on salary to the division Vice President or President.   The Director of Human Resources will provide the salary range to the supervisor prior to announcing the position.  Effective Fall 2014, Exempt Staff who complete an advanced degree will be granted an additional $1,600 on their base salary. There will not be any mid-year adjustments.

Exceptions to the normal salary placement must be submitted in writing to the College President and must identify the special circumstance that requires placement outside the established policy.

When a situation arises such that there is a need to hire new faculty/exempt staff above the normal pay rate, the College President can place a newly hired faculty/exempt staff member at a higher salary.  A new faculty member may be hired at a higher rate of pay than that of an existing faculty member in the same discipline with the same training, education, and level of experience based on market demand and approval of the College President.

Each benefit eligible faculty/exempt staff member who participates in the SBCCOE Benefit Plan will receive a benefit allowance as approved by the SBCCOE for the benefit plan to assist in paying for the benefit package of choice.

Classified Staff:  

Newly hired classified staff will be paid in accordance with the salary scale established for the specific position classification using the State of Colorado’s Compensation Plan each fiscal year.  Classified employees will receive benefits as established by the Department of Personnel & Administration.