Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 1.00 Position Vacancies

Once a request to fill a vacancy or create a new position has been approved by the President of the college via the use of a Personnel Requisition form, available through the Human Resources Office, the appropriate supervisor, Vice President, or Department Chair will become the hiring manager for the requested position.  The hiring manager will work with the Human Resources Office to prepare the position announcement listing, the minimum and desired requirements for the position, plus any other pertinent information.

The hiring manager will also select a search committee of three (3) to six (6) additional staff members.  Following the application closing date, the search committee will meet to review the qualified application files via Applicant Pro.  The screening criteria is developed by the hiring manager and approved by the Human Resources Office.  The search committee will be allowed to invite approximately 3-6 candidates for interviews, or as many as the search committee feels is appropriate.  More may be invited with the approval of the Director of Human Resources or President.  The Human Resources Office will issue all invitations for interviews.

The search committee will prepare interview questions appropriate for the screening of the qualities and skills the college seeks in the position.  The Human Resources Office will approve the interview questions prior to the scheduled interviews. At the conclusion of the interviews, the search committee will compile a list of pros and cons for each interviewed applicant. The hiring manager will compile the information and forward the top most qualified candidates with pro’s and con’s for each candidate to the President.   The President will review the pro’s and con’s and ultimately make the final decision.  Once a candidate has been selected and approved for hire by the College President, the hiring manager will conduct a reference check to list of references provided by applicant and the Human Resources Office will complete a background check prior to making the offer for employment.

Please note that the search committee only recommends candidates and does not have final authority to offer the position.  Everyone involved in the screening process owes a duty to the institution, the candidates, and one another to keep all information and deliberations absolutely confidential. 

Northeastern does not pay for travel to and from the college for interviews.  The candidate must personally pay any expense.   The President may, at his sole discretion, authorize in whole or part payment for interview expenses as deemed necessary.  If any interview expenses are paid, all candidates will be treated the same.