Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 1.09 Selecting Adjunct Instructors

All adjunct instructors serving in instructional programs will be chosen by the Department Chair, and will be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Because of their temporary nature, such positions may or may not be advertised.  Individuals chosen to teach should have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree plus 18 graduate credit hours from an accredited college or university in the academic area related to the teaching position. Individuals teaching General Education or transfer courses must have a Master’s degree in the field they are teaching or 18 graduate level credits in the field they are teaching. Individuals chosen to teach career and technical classes must meet current Colorado CTE Credentialing requirements and have the necessary degree and appropriate work experience. 

Part-time/temporary instructors will prepare course outlines or use outlines prepared by full-time faculty, prepare final examinations and file a copy of all exams with the respective Vice President of Academic Affairs/Department Chair, be available for conferences and meetings with the Department Chair during the course of the semester, and complete and submit final grades to the Records Office by the dates indicated. 

Part-time/temporary instructors are eligible for parking stickers during the term of employment, mailroom; and material reproduction services, Northeastern library services, and administrative assistant services, office space, if available, and use of equipment. In addition, they and their immediate family members will receive free attendance at on-campus events with presentation of a valid college ID card.  Requests for any other privileges or services should be brought to the attention of the appropriate Department Chair and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.