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A list of NJC Scholarships. Search for text and/or use the pull down menus to refine your search.
Adam Ginther Memorial Scholarship
Alta Kerschner Scholarship
Alyce Mari Memorial Scholarship
G.N. and Katherine Hurst Scholarship
Andi Whitlock Memorial Scholarship
Andy and Theda Anderson Art Scholarship
Anna C. Petteys & Dorothy J. Corsberg Scholarship
Armilda W. Dowis Memorial - Save the Site Scholarship
Barbara F. Kaiser Memorial Scholarship
Bernadine Parr Memorial Scholarship
BlackTop Jacks Hot Rod Club Scholarship
Brad Samber Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Brickel Brothers Scholarship
Bruce C. and Sharon L. Perryman Presidential Emeritus Scholarship
Business and Professional Women of Sterling Scholarship
Carl Fonte Scholarship
Chad Godfrey Memorial Golf Scholarship
Charles and Phyllis Kreager Memorial Art Scholarship
Coach Lowell Roumph Memorial Basketball Scholarship
Colorado Garden and Home Show Scholarship
O'Connel-Towne Scholarship
Courtenay and Lucy Davis Scholarship
Darryl W. Rhodes Scholarship
Dean and Vay Lousberg Livestock Judging Scholarship
Debbie Hessler Memorial Scholarship
R. Don Hagemeier Memorial Scholarship
R. Don Hagemeier Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Donald E. Harley Memorial Scholarship
Earl Franklin, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Elsie Good Memorial Scholarship
Fillion History Scholarship
Fleming Saddle Club Scholarship
Foundation's Pathway Scholarship
Frank and Gloria Walsh Nursing Scholarship
Fred Sneath Memorial Scholarship
Gerald and Tom Roth Memorial Scholarship
Hilbert Kahl Memorial Agriculture Education Scholarship
Hubert H. & Luella E. Herboldsheimer Memorial Scholarship
Jack & Florence Annan Leadership Scholarship
Jeffrey Grauberger Memorial Scholarship
Jimmie McCaffree Nursing Scholarship
John F. and Dorothy R. Kerker Memorial Business Scholarship
Johnson and Associates Accounting Scholarship
Judy McCall Memorial Scholarship
Justin Covelli Memorial Scholarship
Karl Falch Memorial Scholarship
Kasey Jo Walker Warner Scholarship
Kathy Ann Mackey Nursing Scholarship
Keith and Nell Propst Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth E. and Theda C. Anderson Memorial Business Scholarship