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Ways to Give Today

There are a variety of ways to make an immediate philanthropic impact on students at Northeastern Junior College. The right option is always the one that works best for you.

Cash and Gift Pledge - For many people, making an annual cash donation or pledge is a great option.  It’s simple and allows you to support Northeastern at whatever level is appropriate. 

Matching Gift - A great way to maximize your support is through a matching gift.  Please check to see if your employer (or spouse’s employer) matches employee donations to qualified nonprofit organizations like us.  Some employers even double or triple employee gifts.

Appreciated Securities - A gift of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares) offers two primary advantages.  First, it can provide you with an immediate tax deduction, and second, you ‘give away’ the capital gains tax liability when you make your gift.  As a non-profit organization, we can sell the appreciated securities with no capital gains tax.  The full value will support the College.

Real Estate - Another option is a gift of appreciated real estate.  Gifts of residential, commercial or agricultural real estate can make a significant impact at Northeastern, pending their review by the Foundation Board.  Gifts of appreciated real estate have two major advantages: (1) they can provide an immediate income tax deduction and (2) they can eliminate any capital gains tax when the real estate is eventually sold.  Please contact us during the early stages of your planning.

Personal Property - This option includes works of art, rare books, antiques and vehicles among other items or collections.  Please contact the Foundation early in your consideration if you’d like to make a gift of personal property.  Also, please know the final decision to retain or sell the donated property rests with our Board of Directors.

Final Thoughts

It is important to discuss your charitable options with your professional advisors before making any gifts.  Your advisors are best positioned to help recognize the specific tax benefits you may enjoy, and identify the necessary steps to ensure IRS compliance (e.g. independent appraisals).  Please know our Development Office is happy to support these conversations in any way that is helpful. 

Please contact please feel free to contact the foundation at, 970-521-6777 with any questions. 

Thank you for your consideration of these gift options. 


Mattie Haney
Executive Director Foundation
E.S. French
Mattie Haney
Amber St Clair-Kapteyn
Foundation Assistant
E.S. French
Amber St. Clair-Kapteyn

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