Northeastern receives donation from JBS Carriers

November 14, 2016
Diesel Technology class with JBS Carriers representatives

Jimmy Atencio, NJC Diesel Instructor, is grateful to JBS Carriers of Greeley, CO, whom recently donated 22 Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s) to the program on October 26th.  Warren Baker of JBS Carriers said that the donation to NJC was important to him because he has personally seen the students that come out of NJC’s program and do so well JBS has hired students from the NJC Diesel program and are excited and impressed with their knowledge and work ethic.  On their visit to NJC’s North Campus where the Diesel program is located, Warren Baker and Michael Job of JBS Carriers talked to the students about work after college and the importance of community stewardships.  There are 29 students enrolled in the Diesel program and due to the limited work space available, the small diesel engines donated will allow for the students to have individual learning opportunities and get more out of their hands-on experience at NJC. 

Warren Baker and Michael Job talking to Diesel Tech students
Warren Baker and Michael Job talking to Diesel Tech students.

APU’s reduce carbon emissions by eliminating idling in heavy-duty trucks yet offers long-haul truck drivers amenities like air conditioning during driving breaks while eliminating the need to idle the engine.  JBS leases these engines for their trucks for three years, after that time they choose to either sell them or, as in this case, donate them. JBS Carriers delivers refrigerated and non-refrigerated freight to the lower forty-eight states.  They are a “Smart Way” award winning company and are proud of the fact that they have one of the greenest fleets on the road.  Northeastern appreciates this donation from JBS Carriers and their commitment to our student’s higher education. 

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