Student Handbook

3.27 (a) Vehicle Regulations


Northeastern Junior College is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of traffic and parking regulations on the campus of the college. Additionally, the City of Sterling has the authority to issue parking tickets in the areas marked as fire lanes, disability parking and/or areas where the curbs are painted yellow. Vehicle operators must comply with the following regulations.


The Vice President for Administrative Services has been delegated authority in matters concerning campus traffic and parking violations. This includes:

  1. Authorization for issuance of "warning" tickets - as appropriate.
  2. Authorization to restrict the driving on campus of drivers who are habitual violators or whose driving offenses show a disregard for the safety of personnel or property. Authorization to impound any vehicles for repeated parking violations on campus property. Authorization to impound any vehicles on campus property causing any hazard or deemed abandoned at the end of the academic year or end of employment. College personnel have been delegated the responsibility of reporting violations of the NJC Vehicle Regulations policy. Northeastern Junior College is not responsible for any accident or theft occurring on the campus of the college. Persons using any college street or parking area do so at their own risk.

Campus Speed Limit

Maximum speed on campus is established at 15 miles per hour.


Trailer Parking

Trailers on vehicles or vehicles requiring more than one parking space are permitted only in the designated area west of Beede-Hamil Hall. Trailer parking in other areas will be cited.

Reserved Diesel parking Space

Reserved Diesel Parking Space: Individuals may purchase a Reserved Diesel Parking space that is located west of Blue Spruce/Dowis Hall. These limited parking spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis and may be obtained at the Cashier’s Office. Each parking space provides an electric hook-up.

Student and Staff parking

Open parking exists at NJC in all campus parking lots unless otherwise designated and subject to the following parameters:

  1. Vehicles must be properly parked within the painted stalls on the hard-surface parking areas and are subject to all designated signage restrictions. Unauthorized cars will not be parked in designated "FACULTY OF THE YEAR", “CLASSIFIED STAFF OF THE YEAR”, "RESERVED FOR SERVICE & DELIVERY" or “DISABILITY” parking areas.
  2. Parking spaces west of Beede-Hamil Hall are designated ONLY for trailer parking.
  3. Parking spaces west of Blue Spruce Hall are designated ONLY for Reserved Diesel Parking permit holders.
  4. Only authorized parking allowed at any time in the white painted service areas immediately west of Pete's Retreat and cafeteria kitchen.

Disability Parking:

Persons with disability parking permits can park in any of the parking spaces on campus designated as disability parking. Designated disability parking is provided in the parking areas as follows: west of E.S. French Hall, parking lot between E.S. French Hall and Hays Student Center, Cosmetology and Dowis Hall lots, Bank of Colorado Event Center lots, west side of Beede-Hamil Hall and north of Knowles Hall.

Yellow Curb Markings:

Areas designated by yellow curbs are "NO PARKING" areas. Sterling Police Department or campus personnel will issue tickets if parked in these areas.

Off Campus Parking:

The college has no jurisdiction over vehicle operation off campus except for the operation of school vehicles. Students as well as faculty and staff are urged to comply with the Vehicle Code of Colorado and the Traffic Code of Sterling, Colorado.


Signs and markings have been placed to designate parking areas and assist all personnel in observing traffic regulations. Students responsible for altering, removing or damaging parking signs on campus will be subject to social and/or disciplinary action and cost of repair.


College personnel are instructed to enforce the rules and regulations of the college and to report all violations of those rules and regulations. College personnel will call for assistance and receive full cooperation of the City and Logan County law enforcement agencies. REPEATED VIOLATORS WILL BE SUBJECT TO VEHICLE IMPOUNDMENT.


All vehicle accidents occurring on the campus where property damage or injury is involved are required by State law to be reported. The City of Sterling Police Department will be called on all accidents occurring on College property. Northeastern Junior College assumes no responsibility for any physical damage to vehicles parked on campus. This includes damage to windows and/or body by baseballs, softballs, golf balls, etc. People parking on campus do so at their own personal risk regarding physical damage to their vehicle.

Security of Vehicles and Their Contents:

Northeastern Junior College assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any vehicle and its contents at any time a vehicle is operated or parked on the campus.

Clean-up of Hazardous Materials:

Owners of vehicles or the party to whom a vehicle is registered is responsible for clean-up of any hazardous materials coming from the vehicle. This would include, but is not limited to, gasoline, diesel fuel, anti-freeze, etc.

Permits for Physically Disabled:

Students with temporary physical disabilities may secure a "Disability Permit" entitling them to park in disability parking areas. These permits are issued by the Logan County Automobile Department at the Logan County Court House, Sterling, Colorado.

Motorcycles and Motorbikes:

Motorcycles and motorbikes are allowed on campus provided they are operated safely and are not operated in a loud or distracting manner. Motorcycles and/or motorbikes are not permitted on walkways and cannot be stored, cleaned or worked on in any building on the campus of Northeastern Junior College without prior written approval of the Vice President for Administrative Services. Motorcycles and motorbikes are subject to the same parking restrictions and motor vehicle laws as automobiles.


Bicycles are allowed on campus provided they are operated safely. Bicycle storage racks are available on campus.