Student Handbook

3.08 Dangerous Acts, Weapons, Materials and Equipment

State board policy states that no person may have on his or her person any unauthorized firearm, ammunition, explosive
device or illegal weapon on campus or any facility used by a college.

  1. Students may not carry, possess on their person, store, display, or in any manner use any weapon, materials or equipment deemed potentially dangerous to self or others on the campus property unless authorized per CCCS System President’s Procedure SP19-10 Violence/Firearms on Campus. This System President’s Procedure addresses carrying a concealed handgun with a valid issued permit and applies to any vehicle or building on campus property.
  2. The college is not responsible for approved storage of weapons, materials and equipment. A local business in Sterling has a gun storage facility with gun lockers available for rent.
  3. Dangerous acts with the intent to harm, to threaten self or other people will be reported to law enforcement authorities. Any physical endangerment act may result in immediate eviction/expulsion and/or warrant for arrest.
  4. A dangerous act that involves physically striking another student will be considered as grounds for immediate dismissal from college if there are no additional mitigating circumstances.
  5. Acts of verbal and physical harassment or intimidation will be considered as grounds for dismissal from college after a warning has been issued to cease and desist from such acts.