Student Handbook

3.04 Campus Security and Criminal Awareness

  1. Northeastern Junior College is an integral part of the City of Sterling, County of Logan and the State of Colorado. All criminal acts on the property of Northeastern Junior College will be immediately reported to the City of Sterling Police Department.
  2. All facilities, when not in use by authorized college personnel or reserved and in use by community groups, are locked and secure. All residence halls are locked and secured twenty-four hours a day. Each hall has a security phone adjacent to the main lobby entrance so visitors may call a resident to gain access to the residence hall during visitation hours. Residents are issued outside door keys or cards for access to their hall.
    1. Campus law enforcement is conducted the same as any residential area within the city of Sterling. All law violations are reported to the local police first and then to the college administration, usually the Vice President of Student Services.
    2. Personnel of the college are instructed to call the city police immediately for any law violation suspected on campus property. The Sheriff's Posse is hired to monitor large group events that require extra security. They are instructed to apprehend, detain and contact city police for assistance for any violation of the law.
  3. All students are given access to the Student Handbook via the NJC website and through the Access portal, which describes campus security. Hard copies are made available across the campus and are available by any individual upon request from the Student Services Administrative Office, HSC 113. All students living in the residence halls will receive campus security instruction by the Residence Life Staff. This information will include personal security while on-campus, off-campus, room security in the residence halls, vehicle and parking security, emergency procedures and reporting of any unsafe conditions.
  4. The NJC campus is well lit and secured in the evenings and on weekends as appropriate. A major element in maintaining a secure environment is prevention. Any employee, aware of or experiencing what could be a security problem, should notify an appropriate campus administrator, or authorities if the situation warrants as soon as possible. Another important element in maintaining security is to be aware of your environment, especially at those times of the day when common sense dictates extra caution should be exercised. A safe and secure campus is the responsibility of everyone.
  5. The City of Sterling Police Department and the Logan County Sheriff's Department cooperate and communicate with the Vice President of Student Services to monitor off-campus student criminal activity within Logan County. Violations committed by students within the city of Sterling and county of Logan are reported to the Vice President of Student Services office. The college’s "Student Conduct Off-Campus Procedure" enacts procedures to prevent student violations of law. This procedure requires educational programs and potential summary suspension if the student persists in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and violation of local, state and federal laws.
  6. The Vice President of Student Services maintains statistical records for all campus conduct reports and student summons and arrests on campus and within the community. This data is reported in the publication “Your Right to Know." The college has a Drug Free, Alcohol Free Campus Policy, which has specific sanctions for drug and alcohol violations on campus. Possession of weapon reports is shown on the Vice President of Student Services report. The Vice President of Student Services reports data in “The Right to Know Report” which is available to any student, parent, staff member or citizen of the community through the NJC Website or upon request.