Student Handbook

3.06 College Property to Include Facilities, Buildings, Grounds and Equipment

  1. College property and buildings are open to the public for educational purposes at the times when classes are scheduled and services are available. Non-students will be considered visitors and are subject to all visitation rules and hours. All persons on college property must carry proper identification.
  2. College security personnel or city police may request proper identification from anyone at any time on college property. Persons without proper identification or unwilling to show proper identification will be asked to leave college property. Camping, bathing or otherwise inhabiting campus space is not permitted.
  3. Use of college facilities, grounds, buildings and equipment requires approved reservation requests through Physical Plant. Non-student or non-educational use of college facilities, grounds or equipment is subject to rental fees. Priority of such requests will be given to students, faculty, and staff before non-student requests.
  4. Persons entering or leaving buildings, other than normal exits, will be charged with damages of unlawful entry. Only maintenance personnel are allowed on roofs of buildings.