Student Handbook

3.25 Trespassing on College Property

  1. All students and guests may have access to all authorized buildings when those buildings are open for use and visitation. All campus buildings have closing hours and any unauthorized person may be asked to leave any building or a secure campus area to maintain security of those buildings and property.
  2. Any person in a restricted area on campus (residence halls) without justifiable reason and is not in compliance with college policy will automatically be subject to trespass without warning. The college property is within the legal jurisdiction of the city of Sterling and subject to the enforcement of all local, state and federal laws.
  3. Any person found in an unauthorized area is subject to trespass without a verbal warning or without posting trespass signs. Persons who are not invited or unwanted in authorized areas of the college will be asked to leave and if such persons do not leave police will be called for charges of trespass.