Student Handbook

3.02 Authorized Maintenance, Health, Safety and Security Inspection

  1. The college as "landlord" reserves the right to enter a room or secured area anytime to inspect the property for maintenance and repair and for health, safety and security reasons.
  2. Authorized physical plant representatives of the college have the right to enter any room, building, or secured area on campus (including residence hall rooms) to inspect, repair or clean college property, to maintain building or fixtures and equipment.
  3. Authorized residence life staff has the right to enter any residence hall room to visually inspect a room for potential health, sanitary and safety reasons, and to enforce all college procedures.
  4. Authorized college staff has the right to correct any maintenance, safety or health hazard found and to confiscate and report any potentially dangerous illegal equipment or material.
  5. Security personnel of the college check buildings and all material, equipment and vehicles on college property to prevent theft and vandalism. Security personnel have the right to check personal identification of any person on campus and request immediate vacating of property of any person to protect campus property, students and staff.
  6. An "inspection" is a visual check only and does not include opening any secured, restricted or reserved areas. Authorized staff may conduct an inspection anytime as part of their assigned duties. Efforts will be made to conduct inspections while the resident is present (hall room) and usually requires more than one staff person present.