Student Handbook

3.27 (b) Vehicle Regulation Enforcement


Northeastern Junior College is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of traffic and parking regulations on the campus of the college. In November 2022, Northeastern Junior College adopted a revised parking policy to detail and standardize parking enforcement practices. Please contact Northeastern Junior College Office of Campus Safety for a copy of this policy.


 The Coordinator of Campus Safety has been delegated authority in matters concerning campus traffic and parking violations.  This includes:

  • Authorization for issuance of "warning" notices - as appropriate.
  • Authorization to restrict the driving on campus of drivers who are habitual violators or whose driving offenses show a disregard for the safety of personnel or property.
  • Authorization to immobilize (boot) or have towed any vehicles for repeated parking violations on campus property.
  • Authorization to have towed any vehicles on campus property causing any hazard or deemed abandoned at the end of the academic year or end of employment.
  • College personnel have been delegated the responsibility of reporting violations of the NJC Vehicle Regulations policy.


College personnel are instructed to enforce the Vehicle Regulation policy.  College personnel may call the Coordinator of Campus Safety for assistance. 

  1. All campus parking will have posted signage, stating any restrictions and imposed violation of policy. 
  2. All college personnel are delegated responsibility to report parking violations to the Coordinator of Campus Safety.  A database of parking violations based on license number/parking permit number will be maintained by the Coordinator of Campus Safety.  

Reporting of violations may take the following forms:

  • Cell phone picture of violation emailed to: 
  • Calling (970) 380-0605 to report violation, providing campus parking lot and license/parking permit #.
  • The Coordinator of Campus Safety and the Residence Hall Directors in Residence Life are delegated responsibility to issue warnings for first and second parking violations. 
  • Repeat or dangerous violations will be subject to vehicle impoundment at owner’s risk and expense.

The City of Sterling has the authority to issue parking tickets in the areas marked as fire lanes, disability parking and/or areas where the curbs are painted yellow. 

Students who wish to appeal parking violations will need to follow the appeal process as defined under 5.04 in the NJC Student Handbook.