3.8 Repeating Classes

The college recognizes the varied circumstances when a student requests to repeat a course, such as but not limited to the following: unacceptable grade for transfer, a required course for graduation or transfer and possibly a need to raise a low grade point average for graduation. To understand how a repeat class could affect grade point average and overall transcript, the student should consult an academic advisor before enrolling in the same class for a second time.

If a student chooses to repeat a course: They need to submit a Repeat Class form to the Records Office.  (The Repeat Class form should be submitted to the Records Office before the student starts the class that they are intending to repeat.)  The new course must have the same number of credits as the original course. All courses completed will be listed on the student's transcript and none eliminated by any future course completions. Credit hours can only be earned once for any course. Any college level course beginning Fall Semester 1988 to the present can be repeated. No restrictions on the type of course or the previous grade, and only the highest grade will be used for computation of the grade point average. In the event duplicate grade is earned, the most recent grade will be used in the computation of the grade point average. All repeat courses that are excluded from the grade point average will have an “E” printed after the grade to show it was excluded.  All previous grades in a given course will also appear on the student's transcript. All credit hours earned for initial and repeated courses will be deducted from a student’s remaining COF stipend eligible hours. Students should direct questions on repeating courses to an Academic Advisor, the Records Office or the Student Success Office.

Developmental courses are eligible to be repeated. All developmental courses will appear on the transcript. 

NOTE:  Due to the logistics of the college conversion from quarters to semesters in the fall of 1988, the Department Chairs and Registrar agreed to limit the repeat procedure to courses completed from the fall of 1988 to the present.

Repeat Course Limits

The following guideline applies to all students taking credit-bearing courses:

• Students will be limited in the number of times that they can take the same course.

• Certain courses are exempt from the repeat course procedure due to the nature/offering of the course.

• If a student has taken a course twice or more and attempts to register for the course an additional time, the student will not be able to register for that particular course until an action plan is created and approval has been granted by the department chair and course instructor. Please note that the student is able to register for other courses without needing an action plan or approval as per college rules and regulations.

• If the department chair does not feel that the registration is warranted, the student may appeal via the college’s designated appeal policy.

• If a student has taken a course three times and wants to register for the course a fourth time, the student must appeal via the college’s designated appeal policy.