Academic Standards Handbook

4.5 On the Job Training/Clinical Training

These courses are a supervised cooperative education arrangement between the college and an employer.  The courses provide the students with work experience, which are relevant to their vocational program and personal career interests.  The work and study calendar varies by program and may be adjusted as appropriate to individual interests, needs, or the availability of work opportunities.

In some programs, a student may alter between full-time study with one or two terms of full-time work experience, or a student may have all or part of the work experience on the parallel plan where part of the day is spent in the classroom and part of the day is spent at a cooperative work assignment that is educationally related to the student's program.  Students may be enrolled in the alternate plan only after one period of full-time study.  Qualified students may enter the parallel plan during their first semester of study.

Work experience is an integral part of the following career programs: Nursing, Agri-Business, Early Childhood Education, Production Agriculture Equine Management.

These courses have special credit hour and clock hour designations.

Hours Worked/Week              Total Week                  Minimum Clock                         Semester

    With Employer                                                             Hours Required                      Credit Hours

            40                                          16                                       640                                          16

            30                                          16                                       480                                          12

            20                                          16                                       320                                            8

            10                                          16                                       160                                            4

              5                                          16                                         80                                             2

Credit hours are computed on a 2.5:1 ratio of work contact hours (60 minutes) to credit hour assignment.  One credit will be given for each 40 contact hours of work.