Academic Standards Handbook

2.9 Refunds and Returns

A 100% refund of tuition and fees will be made if a student officially drops a class before the census date (the last day to drop a class for a term.  There will be no refund after that date.

When a student completely withdraws from Northeastern Junior College during a term, a refund of room and board will be made as follows:

Room and board will be refunded on a per day basis during the first eight weeks (or 50%) of the term (see NJC Student Handbook for detailed information).

If the student had Title IV federal financial aid, a portion of these grants or loans must be returned to the programs based on the date the student withdrew from college.  If the withdrawal occurs after sixty percent (60%) of the term is completed, no return of these federal funds will be required.

In order to calculate the amount to be returned the withdrawal date will need to be determined.  This will be the date the student began the withdrawal process as prescribed by NJC, or otherwise provided NJC with official notification of intent to withdraw.  If the student drops without any of the above notification, the midpoint of the term will be used as the withdrawal date.  If the withdrawal process was not begun because of illness, accident, grievous personal loss, or similar circumstances beyond the student's control NJC can determine the appropriate withdrawal date.

The amount of the unearned institutional charges and unearned Title IV funds based on the number of days in attendance to the withdrawal date will be calculated.  NJC will then return to the Title IV programs the lesser of the unearned institutional charges or the unearned Title IV assistance.  The student will return any remaining unearned Title IV funds.  (If the student needs to return funds to the Pell or SEOG programs based on the return priority, they need to return no more than fifty percent (50%) of the original award amount.)  The loan amounts the student needs to return will be repaid according to the regular repayment schedule for the loan.  The school refund to the loan will be credited to the original loan amount.   The amount a student needs to return to grants will be collected from the student by the school and then repaid to the grant program.

The order of return of Title IV funds will be as follows:

            Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

            Subsidized Stafford Loans

            Plus Loans

            Federal Pell Grants

            Federal SEOG

            Federal LEAP

In order for NJC to return the federal funds as calculated, NJC may refund unearned money to the student account.  In making this refund, one of the following two situations will apply:

If the refund made for the B term classes, other special terms and or from unearned room and board is greater than the amount of the federal awards NJC needs to return according to the calculation the process ends and the returns are made.

If the amount of any scheduled refunds is less than the calculated amount of the return of federal funds to be made by NJC, then the college will refund to the student account the additional funds needed to equal this return amount and then complete the return process.

In times of national or state emergency, certain students (e.g. reserve military units, National Guard, individuals with specialized skills, firefighters) are called to provide services to the country.  When the call for service or a national emergency is issued, it is often necessary for student to interrupt their coursework in mid-term.  In these situations the refund policy may be altered in keeping with the best financial interest of the student.

Refunds for unearned room and board will be made on a per day basis as indicated above.  Tuition refunds will be made on a pro-rata basis even after the census date.