2.5 Special Student

Students not admissible as regular students, i.e., students who have not received the high school diploma or the General Educational Development Certificate may be admitted to college credit courses as special students.  Such admission allows the student to take course work on a full-time or part-time basis for the fulfillment of individual goals.  Special students are required to complete the regular application form, and submit certificate of immunization.  All college procedures and academic standards apply to special students.

Special students admitted without the high school diploma or the General Education certificate may obtain regular student status by completing the high school diploma or the GED test battery with a passing average, or one of the "Ability to Benefit" tests with a passing score.  Information on the specific tests, acceptable scores and how to arrange testing can be obtained by calling the college counseling center. 

Special students are not eligible to receive the Northeastern Junior College Certificate, AAS degree, AGS degree or the AA degree, AS degree, or receive state or federal financial aid.