Academic Standards Handbook

3.12 Death of a Student - Records Procedure

The Record’s Office is responsible to follow the guidelines set by the Academic Standards Committee for handling a deceased student’s records:

  1. Obtain documented verification (copy of death certificate) and will be kept with permanent student records.  Newspaper article, first hand witness account, a signed statement or a copy of the death certificate.
  1. The Records Office will send notification to offices with the need to know:
  • Financial Aid/Veterans Rep- notification if student was receiving aid/benefits
  • Business Office- student’s financial accounts to be submitted to collections
  • Residence Life- arrangement of student’s personal effects
  • Student Success Office – support to family/friends at NJC
  • Director of Marketing – release of information to media if needed
  • VP Student Services- withdrawal procedure and condolences and notification that the student’s bill will be submitted to collections from the deceased’s estate

3.   The Records Office will code the student information system so that no future communication will be set to the student, parent, or spouse.   The system will flash a  message hold on a user’s monitor whenever the student’s information is accessed. The student’s paper files will be marked ”DECEASED”.