Academic Standards Handbook

3.5 Credit Hour Load

Course Load - The most common full-time course load is 15 credits per semester in addition to the graduation requirement of one physical education activity credit per semester for two semesters. Students who carry fewer than 12 credits are part-time students. The maximum student load is 18 credits unless an override has been granted. A student who desires to carry more than 18 credits in a given semester must have demonstrated his/her ability to do so by having maintained a "B" average for the preceding semester, and the student must obtain the approval of his/her faculty advisor. Students working part or full-time should make allowances in their college program for outside work.

For many students an 18-semester hour course load will be an extremely heavy schedule. New students should consider taking a lighter load for the first semester. In unusual circumstances it may also appear necessary for a student to carry more than the normal course load. Permission to carry such a course load may be granted to individual students, depending on the excellence of the previous course work and attendance.

Full-time career/technical students will normally register for the number of credits indicated for that semester in the curriculum outline. Students may not take a course for more or less credit than assigned in the college catalog or the schedule of classes.