Academic Standards Handbook

3.4 Class Attendance

Student learning is best served through regular and consistent class attendance. Students are expected to attend all scheduled meetings of each course.  Encouragement of regular class attendance remains with the instructor while the actual responsibility remains with the student. The development of class attendance guidelines for each class is encouraged. Students may be dropped from a class for excessive absences. The following general attendance guidelines are for all students and all classes.

Attendance Guidelines

  1. Each class will have attendance procedures set forth by that instructor. Self-contained career and technical programs may develop uniform program attendance procedures.
  1. Specific procedures for class attendance and the effect that absences may have on daily assignments, make-up work, examinations and/or course grades should be made available in written form and given to enrolled students during the first or second class meeting.
  1. Class attendance procedures must be uniformly applied to all students enrolled in a course. Individual students should confer with instructors on personal and specific attendance concerns and conflicts. The determination and application of attendance guidelines is the responsibility of the instructor.
  1. Class attendance is the responsibility of the student. The student must communicate to each of his/her instructors regarding any attendance situation that may affect course assignments, exams or grades.
  1. Students serving on athletic or livestock judging teams or members of an approved college club or extra-curricular activity or students enrolled in a class that is missed for a field trip or college sponsored performance will be considered "excused" by all instructors for the duration of the travel.  The college sponsor/advisor/coach should communicate to the instructors those students who will be participating. The students are representatives of the college in these approved instances.
    •  It is the responsibility of the student to make faculty aware of upcoming "excused absences" for approved college activities and to assume responsibility for completion of all assignments during the excused absences.
    • It is the responsibility of faculty sponsors, coaches or instructors involved in other student travel to inform department chair and other faculty members of students who miss classes because of approved student travel. The notification of students to be excused from classes should be distributed at least five (5) class days before departure from class.
    • In the event that the instructor determines that an assignment or exam cannot in any form be taken prior to or made up after the excused absence, the assignment or exam shall not be used in calculating the student’s grade.