Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 4.04 Inclement Weather Procedure

As a residential institution, Northeastern operates on a continuous 24-hour, 12-month basis. There may be occasions, however, when the College suspends some operations due to inclement (severe) weather or other emergencies.

Decisions for delayed campus openings, early releases, or campus closure due to inclement weather will be made by the College President in conjunction with the College Administration, based on National Weather Service advisories and/or State or local police bulletins.

In instances of delayed openings, early releases, or campus closures, only employees essential to the operation of the College will be required to work. As a general guideline, this will include Maintenance Staff, Full-Time Hall Directors, Vice Presidents, President, one staff member in the mailroom to cover phones, Communication Liaison Officer and when students are in residence, Food Service Staff. In the event of a delayed start, upon discretion of the supervisor, day shift Custodial Staff will delay their start time by the number of hours equal to the official delay. This list is not all-inclusive, and in the event that other departments, such as the Event Center and/or Library, are deemed necessary, department directors will notify personnel in those areas.

Notice of Campus Closure, Delayed Openings, and Early Release

  • The College President confers with several Administrators and makes the decision after input from the Physical Plant Director.
  • The decision is relayed to the Communication Liaison Officer, the Web Technician, and President's Staff.
  • Notice to the electronic media will be made no later than 6:00 a.m.
  • In the event of campus closure or delayed opening, announcements will be sent to the following media and internal communications from the Communication Liaison Officer:
    • Radio Stations: KPMX, KSTC. KNNG, KFTM, KSIR/ KATR, KRDZ, KRFD, and KOW
    • Television Stations:  9News, 7 News, Channel 4 & Fox News
    • Northeastern web home page will have a statement regarding college closure
    • Message regarding official status of the college during inclement weather will be available at 970-521-6600 or 1-800-626-4637
    • In the event of an early release, the President’s Office will use the e-mail system to relay information to employees. Employees are required to confirm that they are released from work with their supervisor prior to leaving campus.


All employees of Northeastern are expected to work pursuant to assigned schedules regardless of weather conditions, subject to the following provisions:

In the event of inclement weather conditions, affected employees will be granted administrative leave subject to the following conditions:

  1. Employees who cannot reach the office for the entire day or who arrive late to work due to severe weather conditions, when the college has not been closed, may be excused only if the supervisor/dept. chair determines, in his or her discretion, that the absence/lateness was reasonable. In that case the employee must take annual leave or a personal day of leave to cover their working hours.  If they do not have leave remaining, they will be deducted a day of pay on the next pay cycle. 
  2. Northeastern employees who are already on approved leave when the President closes the college may not substitute administrative leave for the period of the closure.
  3. Employees affected by emergency road closures made by the State, county, or municipal governments or by the Colorado State Patrol may be granted administrative leave.
  4. Administrative leave must be reported to Human Resources with an approved “Request/Authorization for Leave” form.  Employees are to complete this leave form once they are able to return to work.
  5. Employees deemed essential to the operation of the college will be notified by their direct supervisor if they are required to come in to work or remain at work in cases of early release.