Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 4.03 Precautionary Measures in Dealing with Codes of Conduct on the Northeastern Campus – Student, Employee, Clients

Codes of conduct typically proscribe both academic and social misconduct, whether or not the misconduct violates civil or criminal laws, and whether or not the misconduct occurs on campus.

Social misconduct may include disruption of an institutional function (including teaching, community service, professional development, student learning) and abusive or hazing behavior.  It may also encompass conduct that occurs off-campus, particularly if the misconduct also violates criminal law and the college can demonstrate that the restrictions are directly related to its educational mission or the campus community’s welfare.

Sanctions for code violations may range from warning to various intermediate actions.  The Northeastern Operating Procedures Manual spells out what is expected of Northeastern employees.  The Student Handbook also points to expected behaviors.

Events and examples of the past few years coupled with recent notable behaviors have given rise to taking precautionary actions in the workplace so as to head off and/or circumvent extreme violent or harassing behaviors.  We are all aware of extreme examples in the workplace i.e., department of transportation, post office, etc.  Of course, we don’t expect to see such extremes at Northeastern.  However, you should understand that Northeastern has had its own instances of concern.

To that end please consider the following suggestions in times of need:

  1. First contact the Department Chair and/or supervisor in the area if timely.
  2. Depending on the severity of the circumstance, situation, etc., call the police 9-911.  An escort service by the Police can also be requested by calling this number.
  3. If the situation is immediate, impulsive and warrants handling to summon the police dial 9-911.  Non-emergencies are handled by calling 970-522-0223.
  4. The Northeastern President should be informed of the general nature of the action as well at 970-521-6601.