Student Handbook

Article X- Allocations

Section 1.

Club Procedure and general questions

  1. To help clubs sponsor their one all-student activity as required by the Charter Criterion Constitution.
  2. CAB is not designed to be a charity organization; thus, there shall be a definite need for funds from CAB. Uniforms cannot be fully funded by CAB. The club must contribute at least half of the money needed for uniforms. The club must first purchase the uniforms then submit an allocation for up to 50% of the cost to be reimbursed.
  3. The clubs are expected to finance as many of their activities as possible through clubs sponsored money-making activities. A club must have sponsored an all-campus activity prior to requesting funds that benefit only their club members. The prior semester will also be considered in making this determination.
  4. Any charge imposed upon non-Northeastern students and Northeastern students shall be left to the discretion of the clubs sponsoring the activity.
  5. Clubs shall submit a separate allocation for each activity for which they wish to receive financial assistance from the CAB.
  6. The allocation shall be turned in at a date and time established by the 2nd Vice President. Once established, the deadline shall remain the same for the entire academic year.
  7. When presenting a proposal the CAB representative or alternate may designate any ASNJC member, with the exception of current Senators, to present the allocation in his or her place.
  8. Allocations may not be turned in or presented to CAB sooner than four weeks prior to the event, except where there are extenuating circumstances.
  9. When a club is presenting an allocation, the club sponsor shall be present. CAB will not consider the allocation if sponsor is not present.

Section 2: Travel Allocation

  1. Funding Criteria:
    1. Criteria for the Funding of Travel
      1. Education
      2. In State $10/person/day not to exceed $500
      3. Out of State $15/person/day not to exceed $1000
  2. Travel for recreational activities will not be funded by CAB.
  3. Proposals which request more than the allotted amounts indicated in the chart above will not be accepted.
  4. Club members are to be held to the NJC Student Handbook while travelling, as in accordance with the Northeastern Student Handbook Section 5.10. If a club member violates any of the policies outlined in the  Student Handbook, during the trip in which CAB allocated money for, the club will be required to re-pay the amount allocated by CAB.

Section 3. CAB and Senate Allocation Approval Process

  1. In order to approve an allocation a majority vote must be made by both the CAB and Senate representatives
  2. In both CAB and the Student Senate a motion must be passed by a majority vote on each allocation to reject or approve for an amount equal to or less than the Club requested.
  3. If CAB rejects the allocation, then the allocation dies and shall not be heard in Senate.
  4. If Senate has amended and passed the allocation, the allocation shall be presented at CAB the following week by a Senator. CAB shall then vote on the amended allocation. The allocation can be passed for anything equal to or less than the amended form. CAB has the final say and Senate shall not hear the allocation again.
  5. The President has the right to veto the allocation after being passed by Senate and CAB. If this is the case, the President shall present his or her recommendations to CAB. CAB may overturn the presidential veto by 2/3 majority vote.
  6. If there is no quorum at CAB, the allocation shall be heard and voted on by the executive cabinet.
  7. If there is no quorum at Senate, the allocation shall go to the Executive Cabinet.
  8. All allocations shall go through this process.

Section 4. Emergency Loans

  1. An emergency loan may be applied for and if accepted, no allocation shall be granted until the loan is paid back in full to the CAB.
  2. Emergency loan applications shall be submitted to the ASG Second Vice President 24 hours prior to any regular CAB meeting; in which loan application is to be voted on.
  3. The loan must be paid back within 75 days from the day of request.
    1. Any club or organization that fails to repay the loan in full within this period shall be subject to immediate charter revocation.
    2. Any club or organization that has had their charter revoked, according to Article IX, Section D-3a, may apply for charter reinstatement upon complete re-payment of loan.