Student Handbook

Article III- Representatives

Section 1.

Each club shall have only one vote.

Section 2.

No member shall represent more than one club or organization.

Section 3.

CAB representatives shall:

  1. Attend all CAB meetings.
  2. Represent their organization or club in voting matters.
  3. Serve as a liaison between their representative group and CAB.
  4. Serve on CAB committees
  5. Follow proper parliamentary procedures during all CAB meetings.

Section 4.

  1. Each CAB member will be allowed only three excused absences for both semesters; any further absences will count as unexcused.
  2. An absence will be considered excused when a CAB member contacts one of the Executive Officers or the ASG Advisor prior to the start of the CAB meeting with a legitimate reason for missing the meeting and not being able to find an alternate.