Student Handbook

Article VIII- Suspension

Section 1.

Any club that is absent for three consecutive CAB meetings in any period, or four cumulative CAB meetings within a semester shall be placed on suspension.

  1. Suspension shall be for a period of eight weeks to run concurrently upon attendance at future CAB meetings.
  2. Any club that is on suspension shall submit to CAB a written request containing cause, consideration of reinstatement of the privileges of CAB. The request shall be accepted or denied as per a vote of majority of the quorum present at the next CAB meeting following the last meeting under suspension.

Section 2.

Organizations or clubs on suspension shall have no-voice, nor voting rights during the meeting of CAB. Voice privileges shall be allowed upon the approval of a two-thirds majority of the quorum present. (As per Robert’s Rules Of Order)

Section 3.

The Chairperson of CAB shall insure that written notification is sent to the Sponsor of any organization or club after each absence of a CAB meeting and of impending suspension within one absence of warranting suspension.

  1. Delivery date, time and person(s) receiving notification shall be recorded in writing entered into the minutes of the next regular CAB meeting.

Section 4.

If any club ends the school year while they are on suspension, they must re-apply to be a voting club at CAB the following year.

  1. See Article X, Section B for guidelines in becoming a charted club.

Section 5.

Probation and suspension will start fresh every fall.

Section 6.

Any Club who receives funding from CAB for travel must abide by all campus policies. A violation of any campus policy, while representing the college on a school sponsored trip, will result in suspension of the club. All other criteria pertaining to suspension applies.