Student Handbook

5.10 Code Interpretations for Sanctions

  1. Violations of 5.05B may result in suspension or expulsion from the college, unless specific and significant mitigating factors are present. Factors to be considered in mitigation shall be present demeanor and past disciplinary record of the offender, as well as the nature of the offense and the severity of any damage, injury, or harm resulting from it.

  2. Repeat or aggravated violations of any section of this code may also result in expulsion or suspension or in the imposition of lesser sanctions as may be appropriate.
  3. Attempts to commit acts prohibited by this Code shall be considered to the extent as completed violations.

  4. Judicial sanctions for off-campus misconduct shall not be more severe than for similar on-campus conduct. Students served an off-campus legal summons in Logan County will be reported to the Vice President of Student Services to administer the Off-Campus Student Conduct Policy. Continued misconduct off campus and the severity of the acts committed by the student will be considered in all future judicial decisions.

  5. A student suspended on an interim basis shall be given an opportunity to appear before the Vice President of Student Services or a designee within seven (7) days from the effective date of the interim action in order to discuss the following issues.
    • The reliability of the information concerning the student's conduct, including the matter of his or her identity.

    • Whether the conduct and the surrounding circumstances reasonably indicate that the continued presence of the student on the college campus poses a substantial threat to him or herself or to others or the stability and continuance of normal college functions.