Student Handbook

5.12 Due Process Exceptions

In special circumstances to preserve and protect the rights and privileges of the majority of students, the Vice President of Student Services can waive the due process. The following are due process exceptions. They are general categories that give the college authority and the right to make a reasonable and fair decision regarding exceptions.

  1. Dangerous Acts: If a student's conduct is dangerous and life threatening to self and other people, the due process is waived.
  2. Mental Health: If the student has exhibited impaired and irrational judgment and in the opinion of the Vice President of Student Services is unable to make decisions due to emotional or psychological reasons, the due process is waived.
  3. Physical Health: In the opinion of the Vice President of Student Services, the student's health is or will be affected by the due process procedures; the due process will be waived in the best interest of the student. An expeditious hearing and the seven-day appeal requirement may be extended by request of the student or the Vice President of Student Services.
  4. Students with Legal Summons: Students who are arrested for violation of a local, state, or federal law are still eligible for college student due process if such violation of law does not involve threatening the health, safety, rights and privileges of other students. If the student is arrested and/or charged for physical acts of endangerment of others, or for irrational behavior that could threaten other people, or the possibility of physical threat, the student’s status may be decided by the college administration to protect other students.