Student Handbook

5.09 Judicial Procedures

  1. Interpretations of Judicial Procedure: Judicial regulations and procedures of the college are set forth in writing in order to give students general notice of acceptable and prohibited conduct. The regulations should be read broadly and are not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms.
  2. Inherent Authority: The college reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of the campus community.
  3. Student Participation in the Judicial Process: Students are asked to assume positions of responsibility in the college judicial system in order that they might contribute their skills and insights to the resolution of judicial cases. Final authority in judicial matters is vested in the college administration.
  4. Violations of Law and Judicial Regulations: Students may be accountable to both civil authorities and the college for acts that constitute violations of law and the student conduct code. Judicial action by the college will normally proceed during the pendency of criminal proceedings and will not be subject to challenge on the ground that criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed or reduced.