Student Handbook

5.01 Philosophy and Rationale

All students at Northeastern Junior College have equal rights and privileges as accorded by the State of Colorado. All student procedures/policies and residence hall procedures are in the Student Handbook and all academic procedures are in the College Catalog. All students have the responsibility to abide by all procedures/policies so stated in the handbook and catalog. All students should have copies of these publications and become familiar with their rights and privileges as well as their responsibilities.

Students at Northeastern Junior College will be treated with fundamental fairness in all academic and judicial processes that involve college procedure/state policy. When a student enrolls at Northeastern Junior College a contractual agreement is made by the student and by the college. The college agrees to maintain and follow all policy and procedure as stated and will provide the academic requirements the student seeks. The enrolled student also agrees by enrollment to abide by college policy and procedure, and the college will ensure such policy and procedure is interpreted and enacted with fundamental fairness or the right of due process. All students have fundamental rights as stated in the Declaration of Student Rights.

The Vice President of Student Services, as the Chief Student Services Officer of the college, will ensure all student rights are protected and student policy/procedure is interpreted and implemented fairly. All jurisdictional decisions and action taken by the Vice President of Student Services and all student hearings will be based upon policy and procedure in the College Catalog and the Student Handbook. The student judicial process, to include due process, procedures, communication, hearings and appeals will be enacted fairly for all students.