Student Handbook

6.12 Student ID Procedures

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action may be taken against college residents and other individuals on college property for violation of federal, state and local laws, college policy and procedures, rules and regulations. This may include, but is not limited to, such action as educational sanctions, monetary restitution, eviction, suspension, rescinding privilege to use all or part of Residence Life services, or any sanction necessary to maintain order and protect the rights of students, faculty, staff, and administration population.

A resident will be immediately suspended from occupancy if the college determines continued occupancy poses substantial risk or harm to the safety of the residents or his or her self, or unduly interrupts legitimate operational processes of the college.

Resident Liability for Property and Personal Acts

Northeastern Junior College, its officers, employees and agents, and the Department of Residence Life are not liable for any property of the resident that may be lost, stolen, or damaged in any way on the premises of the college. The college is responsible to maintain a secure, locking room door. All requests for repair will be honored as soon as possible.

The resident agrees to save and hold harmless, and indemnify the college and its officers, employees and agents from any claims or damages substantiated by the resident or other parties as the result of acts of omissions of the resident relating to the room or furnishings, including but not limited to the construction of loft beds, bookshelves, waterbeds, partitions or other structures.

The resident will be financially responsible to the college in the event a third party, who is injured by the resident’s acts or omissions, claims the college liable for damages. Personal property insurance coverage is highly recommended.

Suspension of College Obligations

The obligations of the college under this contract to provide housing, dining services and other contracted services may be suspended if prevented or delayed as a result of natural disasters or extenuating circumstances such as floods, fires, insurrection, strikes, and as a result of an order, rule, or regulation of federal, state, municipal, or other governmental agency, or as a result of any cause whatsoever beyond the control of the college, whether similar to causes herein above specified or not. The time of such delay or interruption shall not be counted against the college, any items in this agreement to the contrary not-withstanding.

Contract Changes

Residents may not make changes in the terms and conditions of this contract without agreement and written authorization of an appropriate agent of the college.

Contract Authority

If a student is under the age of 18 years of age his or her parent or legal guardian shall become a party to this contract and shall sign the contract as acceptance of all contractual responsibilities.

Student ID Procedure

General Information

  1. An Northeastern Junior College student ID card is the property of Northeastern, is issued to the cardholder only, and is non-transferable.
  2. The Northeastern student ID card cannot be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of the Vice President of Student Services. This includes any portion of the information on or within the card, such as name, student identification number, bar code, pictures, logos, or magnetic strips. Northeastern graphic requirements, guidelines, and user responsibilities shall apply as applicable.
  3. Misuse of the Northeastern ID card is a violation of Northeastern procedure. This includes but is not limited to: mutilation, alteration, or misrepresentation. The card may be revoked at the Vice President of Student Service’s sole discretion for such violations.
  4. Access privileges of the student ID card will be deactivated when student status is terminated.
  5. Northeastern ID card must be presented upon request at the time of use to obtain services or to establish official college status.
  6. The Northeastern ID card is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued. Only the cardholder can present the card for privileges. ID cards will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder.
  7. The Vice President of Student Services Office is the primary authority in determining if a replacement fee for an ID card can be waived. This applies to all circumstances, i.e. lost, stolen, damaged cards, etc.

Full-Time Students

  1. Each full-time (12 semester credits or more) student must obtain an Northeastern student ID card. This ID card will grant them access to all ASG activities, the Bank of Colorado Event Center, and if applicable, the Northeastern Cafeteria. Event Center and athletic events are supported by the Event Center fee charged to full-time students.
  2. The ID card will also serve as the outdoor electronic entry into the residence hall for students who live on campus. The ID card will only allow students to gain access into the residence hall in which the student resides.
  3. Full-time student ID cards can be obtained in the Hays Student Center room 113 during normal business hours.
  4. Student will be charged $25 to replace lost, stolen, or damaged ID cards. Replacement cards will be issued in Hays Student Center room 113.

Procedure for receiving an Northeastern student ID card

  1. Student must have applied for admission and received a student identification number before and ID card can be generated.
  2. The student college identification number must be presented along with proof of registration before an ID card will be issued.
  3. A valid driver’s license may be required.

Part-Time Students

  1. Part-time students will not be issued an Northeastern student ID card.
  2. Part-time students wishing to participate in ASG sponsored activities can pick up a “Part-time Activity Pass” from the Housing Office (Hays 113). This pass allows part-time student access to ASG sponsored activities only. It does not grant student access to athletic events or access into the Bank of Colorado Event Center.