Student Handbook

6.03 Residence Life Staff

Hall Director (HD)

Professional HD’s live in each residence hall. The HD’s primary focus is to foster and promote a positive living/learning environment. The HD is responsible for the entire operation in his or her hall, including training and supervision of staff, ensuring maintenance is completed, and dealing with violations of residence hall procedure. The HD has the authority to:

  1. Remove any person from the premises (hall).
  2. Confiscate any material that is deemed dangerous or illegal.
  3. Call the police for any incident that needs legal enforcement, protection, removal, control or prevention of any dangerous situations.
  4. Call the fire department for any assistance.
  5. Call the ambulance for any medical emergency.
  6. Impose fines and restitution payments when necessary.
  7. Make immediate decisions regarding judicial and educational sanctions.
  8. Request eviction, with approval by the Vice President of Student Services.
  9. Search rooms when the health and safety of residents are threatened, or illegal activity is suspected, with approval of Vice President of Student Services.
  10. Make any immediate and specific decision not covered by procedure that protects and preserves the safety and welfare of the residents.
  11. Assign service hours.

Resident Assistant (RA)

The RA, who is an Northeastern student, lives on the floor with you. She or he receives special training to assist you and fellow residents in a variety of ways. The RA helps you to get involved in campus organizations, helps to organize programs and activities, and acts as a resource for campus information. If you need a person who is a good listener, try your RA or HD. You do not have to become best friends with them, but perhaps they can offer some objective advice based on their experience. The RA will not act in any capacity as a primary judicial officer; any observed student acts of misconduct that violate policy or procedure will be reported for the HD's judicial decision.


The custodian is one of the hardest working people you will find in your hall. She or he works daily to provide you with clean restrooms and lobbies. You are expected to show respect for your custodian by cleaning up after yourself, not littering, and disposing of all trash in the appropriate place.

Support Staff

Northeastern’s Residence Life staff includes many other individuals, such as Hall Directors, Assistant Hall Directors, the Director of Residence Life/Student Activities, the department’s Administrative Assistant and the Vice President of Student Services. The entire staff works cooperatively to provide an environment conducive to personal growth and academic achievement.