Student Handbook

6.10 Campus Resources

Northeastern Junior College’s number one goal is to make sure that you, the student, gains the skills to be successful while in school as well as in life. To that end, the College has created numerous offices to help you achieve success.

Admissions & Recruiting 

Hays Student Center 105, Ext. 7000.
The Admissions Office processes all inquiries for prospective students and processes all new student applications for enrolling. For continuing students, information regarding transfer to other colleges, acceptance of credits and current college programs can also be found in Admissions. 

Adult Learner Services

Hays Student Center 104, Ext. 6663.
The Student Success Office provides information regarding resources and procedures, and counseling assistance to the many adults who are returning to school to further their education and skills.

Associated Student Government (ASG)/Student Activities (CAB/Senate)

Hays Student Center 215, Ext. 6626 or 6655
The Campus Activities Board, as part of the Associated Student Government, coordinates approximately 30 student clubs. Clubs are open for membership for any enrolled student.

Bank of Colorado Event Center (BOCEC)

The Bank of Colorado Event Center is a fully equipped health/wellness and fitness facility. It is also the place for entertainment and athletic events including concerts, dances, Northeastern varsity sports and community events. The Event Center fee allows Northeastern students to take advantage of nearly all activities free of charge. The staff coordinates Intramural sports and sponsors additional student activities in cooperation with Residence Life and ASG.

Computer Labs

Check each building for available labs and times of availability.

Monahan Learning Center (MLC)

Knowles Hall, Ext. 6612
Services include: English, Math, and Reading courses, tutoring, academic counseling, study skills, and computer lab access.

Student Success Center (Guidance, Advising Career Planning & Testing);

Hays Student Center 104, Ext. 6663.
The Student Success Center provides information, strategies, and personal adjustment assistance to maintain any student in college classes. Testing, social and personal assistance and career exploration are also part of this service. Accuplacer placement testing and other tests are proctored here, as well.

Financial Aid Office

Hays Student Center 102, Ext. 6800
NJC Financial Aid Office can provide information on how to apply and qualify for loans, grants, and work-study to finance a college education.

Residence Life Office

Hays Student Center 113, Ext. 6608

Arrangements for on-campus housing can be made in the Residence Life Office. Students can also sign up for cafeteria meal plans. Additionally, this is where students take and pick up their student ID cards and residence hall key cards. The Director of Residence Life and The Vice President of Student Services are also located in this office suite.

Records Office

Hays Student Center 102, Ext. 6700
The Records Office coordinates all activity dealing with grades, transcripts, records, transfer transcript evaluation, etc. Procedure regarding access to records is explained in the Northeastern Junior College Student Handbook.

Health Services

615 Fairhurst, Sterling or 102 Hayes Avenue, Sterling, CO
Phone (970) 521-3223
The Family Care Clinic serves Northeastern students. Students must call for an appointment. The Clinic is fully staffed and provides front line health care. Full-time students (12 credit hours or more) may be seen by staff without charge. Other fees are assessed to all patients to cover the cost of materials such as strep screening, urine screening, any lab procedures and supplies, such as braces, condoms, bandages, etc. Students must present a valid Northeastern student ID to receive services under this agreement. Although medical insurance is not offered through the college, Northeastern does have other resources to offer students.

All students may download and use the AcademicLiveCare app for unlimited, free telehealth, tele-mental health therapy, tele-psychiatric care and visits with nutritionists.  Pharmaceutical falls under the student or student’s family’s insurance; however, there is a discount pharmaceutical section as well.  Get more information in the Residence Life Office Hays 113 or the Student Success Office Hays 104.

Health Insurance Options:

  1. Hays Student Center, Room 113 has brochures from the American Association of Community Colleges which offers a limited benefit health plan.
  2. American College Student Association insurance plans can be viewed and applied for online at ACSA insurance.
  3. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers insurance plans. More information can be obtained by calling 1-800-234-3391. Flyers are available in the main hallway of the Hays Student Center.
  4. Contact your local insurance agent, such as your car, home or life insurance agent. They should have student or short term policies available or can tell you how to contact a company who does offer such policies.

Monahan Library

The Monahan Library Hours typically are as follows:


7:45 am - 9:00 pm


7:45 am – 5:00 pm




4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

However, check with the library, or on-line, for hours of operation. They change depending on the college schedule. Instruction and assistance on “How to use the Library” is offered to groups and individuals.